August 28 Food Drive, Our Commitment Continues

As Liberia economy gets shorten and the poverty rate is increasing, youths are seen roaming the streets of Monrovia, widows, less fortunate, the blind are all starving to survive, IFRITRYV a non-profit organization arm of IFRI LLC established six years, has observed the situation of the country and decided to help in the process.

As its own contribution to society, IFRI LLC has embarked on a monthly initiative of providing food and non-food items to widows, the blind, orphanages, communities, and people that can’t afford to make life all by themselves. It started on July 24, 2021, when IFRITRYV made its first donation to over 75 widows, blind, Victoria orphanage homes and the Uniting Distant Stars vocational and academic school.

On August 28, 2021, IFRITRYV, being consistent, made its second monthly donation to over 75 widows from vamoma junction who received the rice, red oil and cube. In that same vein, IFRITRYV was able to transport a widow name Fatumata Jalloh who came from Sierra Leone to Monrovia to see her sister, but the sister is unable to take care of her which caused her to start selling cold water between the cars on the traffic at vamoma, when she came in contact with IFRITRYV on July 24 during the first donation she cries out that she needed help to go back to her home and IFRI quickly came in and transported her on August 28.

IFRI remains committed to making contributions and meeting societal needs. Thank you and keep liking our page IFRI LLC.

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