Changing the Mindset For Prosperity


We are a nonprofit organization that encourages young girls and women between the ages of 17 to 29 living in Africa to step outside of their comfort zone, embrace their passion for trades, and build their skills through hands-on vocational training and entrepreneurial empowerment. We pride ourselves on  inspiring and empowering more women entrepreneurs, while creating generational wealth, and contributing to rebuilding the African economy.
IFRITRYV focuses on the whole person by providing it’s participants with  licensed psychologists to incorporate  mental health group sessions as a part of the entrepreneur journey through the program.  Our program consists of an entrepreneur assessment and fundamental business training for our participants. Each graduate from our program can transition in to start their own business. We will also provide seed funding for each participant that successfully completed the program.   We also host an annual  pitching competition and a youth business.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop generational women entrepreneurs and leaders who will transform Africa’s economy through entrepreneurship and right skills.
We envision creating an environment where every woman and girl can discover their potential, unleash their potentials, and transform their mindset for prosperity.

Summary of Cohort #1  

Years of civil crisis greatly affected every fabric of Liberia and till date it has limited opportunities for young people especially young girls. These challenges have led to huge illiteracy, unemployment, poverty and unwanted pregnancy amongst mostly girls. To aid in solving these problems IFRI-TRYV partnered with  Mercy Corps LEEP-Small Grant program in Monrovia Liberia in August of 2021. IFRI-TRYV in partnership with Mercy Corps under the banner program “LEEP SMALL BUSINESS GRANT ” to provide  small businesses grants to 50 Liberian women between the ages 17-29 years old as a part of this opportunity. As part of the process, over 250 females applied on September 4, 2021.  The assessment criteria will be based on the nature of the business, the composition of their  team, market potential, and the business owner’s commitment to success. 

With support from Mercy Corps, we piloted our Cohort one with 52 young girls between the ages of 18-35 years old. These girls were competitively selected from a poll of 300 applicants with small businesses that needed support to sustain them. 

Thanks to our team for the successful implementation of the three phases of the program. Phase one focused on the recruitment process, phase two was the selection process, in phase three we had a meet and greet with the selected girls, phase four saw us conduct a 9days business training a, phase five was the business plan preparation.  Phase six included the pitching and presentation of their business plan to an independent board selected by our partner Mercy Corp, phase seven consisted of the distribution of the grant in the amount of $500 USD by Mercy Corps to the girls to support their business.  The final phase (8) will consist of an accountability period where there will be a follow up of 3 months between the IFRI-TRYV team and the business owners to ensure the viability and productivity of the business. We are happy to announce that we’ve had 25 young ladies successfully complete our pilot program. Liberia is still on the verge of developing and helping young people, but, thanks to the many non-profit organizations in and out of the country that keep supporting the government. IFRI-TRYV remain committed to helping societal Aid and Changing the mindset for prosperity. We are happy to announce our partnership with Uniting Distance Stars, SMART Liberia and Tribe Liberia.  We look forward to launching cohort #2 in the third quarter of 2022.

Meet Cohort One